What your multi-tasking and multi-learning kid needs today

In a world that is becoming even faster paced, your child will really be drawn to do and be many things.

In a world that is becoming even faster paced, your child will really be drawn to do and be many things. Mommy’s role is to make sure her child makes the most out of this crucial stage of development, enabling him to be a multi-tasker and ultimately, a multi-learner. The kids of today learn many things often in rapid succession or at the same time. What used to be just plain waiting time would now be time for learning too such as the transit time to ballet class could be time to watch about the history of ballet on YouTube or the period on the school bus can be a time to play with a classmate on an online quiz game. The amount of stimuli your child receives is just tremendously more than the generations before his own. This is why proper nutrition becomes all the more important because nutrition plays a big role in equipping the little ones with what they need so they can finish their days strong. Propan TLC contains vitamins that allow them to reach their full potential by addressing their different needs.

  • Grow – Chlorella stimulates natural growth therefore allowing kids to grow taller faster; Vitamin D strengthens their bones, giving you peace of mind as they run around and play; and Vitamin A improves eyesight, improving their chances of excelling in sports and the arts
  • Go – Taurine facilitates brain activity allowing them to learn more and do better in school; Vitamin B impacts good mental health and energizes them for both work and play
  • Glow – Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the skin while Vitamin C is an important nutrient that helps boost immunity especially as he explores the world.

Every mom wants the best for their child and as his world grows, the best for him is to learn as much as he can. They can give, do and be more by arming them with good nutrition – well-balanced meals that comprise whole, fresh food, and through vitamins and minerals that give them optimum growth and strength. Not just a diet and supplementation that will be ‘pampataba’ or increase his weight, but ultimately, support his learning and development. This is what your multi-tasking and multi-learning kid needs to make sure he get to be the best version of himself everyday.